Boston in March

So, when you work in the wedding industry, you sort of have to take vacations during the off season (or have to risk missing out on the opportunity to help a really cool couple with their wedding!). This past weekend I headed up to Boston, MA with Jon to visit his family.

Much like weddings, we think food is super important during vacations, too! So, we braved the cold weather and had some fun times with family while eating some really good food.

Since I didn’t have the opportunity to write a wedding-based post this weekend, I present to you a Boston-based post instead! [Read more…]

One Way to Celebrate Valentine’s in Greenville

Dahlia Valentine's Red RosesThis year, Jon and I celebrated Valentine’s in a pretty typical way, with roses and a dinner out. This beautiful Valentine’s arrangement came from Dahlia, which just happens to be at the end of our street. They always do awesome arrangements (including incredible wedding flowers, too!).

We also went to The Lazy Goat, which is always a good idea. I didn’t bother to take any pics then because it would have looked pretty much like this. I love fried goat cheese almost as much as I love Jon. ;)

Since I know that there were definitely some ladies who received some new engagement bling for Valentine’s, I’ll be hopping back into wedding writing starting this weekend!

One other thing to look out for will be my posts featuring specific wedding vendors in the area. They’ll give you their best wedding advice for their area of expertise in the industry. The first post up will feature Justin at Uptown Entertainment. There’s definitely more to consider when hiring your wedding DJ than most people realize!

I’ll leave you with some more Dahlia photos. If you look closely you can even see the signature dew drop that they put on all of their arrangements.

Calhoun and FrankOh, and of course I have show you a picture of the pups. Calhoun and Frank were taking advantage of the fact that I opened the front door for more natural lighting while photographing my Valentine’s flowers, and they snuck into the foyer to check out what was going on in the neighborhood.

Check back soon for more wedding posts, and have a great weekend!

Happy (one day after) Valentine’s!

Date Night: Supper Club with a Southern Summer Themed Dinner

I am a firm believer that when a bride is planning a wedding that she should work hard to make sure that she doesn’t focus too much energy on the wedding itself. Instead, she should try to remember to focus on the relationship that is the reason for the wedding and the basis for her future marriage.

In the spirit of encouraging my brides to do something fun with their fiance and keep the wedding planning stress down, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the Supper Club that my friends and I started last year. It’s a fun way for us to get together and relax with friends, and they’re really good dinners!

How Our Supper Club Works

Our Supper Club consists of three couples, with other friends joining us for some of the evenings. We rotate houses each month and take off some time for the holidays and summer, when scheduling would be too difficult. The hosting couple takes care of everything (but the others typically show up with wine or other theme-appropriate beverages).

Past Supper Club Themes

Last fall we had an absolute blast with the Supper Club dinners. I started things off with a French-inspired meal, and I learned how to make creme brulee for it! The next couple did a southern themed evening, complete with collard greens and homemade apple pie. The third dinner was a German meal of goulash and spaetzle. Then, everything was wrapped up in November with a Spanish-inspired meal with a grand finale of coffee-infused flan (so good!).

This Year’s Kick-Off

I thought that it was really interesting that it was actually one of the guys who asked if we were going to keep things going this year! Well, of course we are! [Read more…]

Top 5 Awkward (But Totally Normal) Moments at Recent Weddings

Wedding HumorHappy Friday everyone! In the spirit of sticking to my Birthday Resolution, I’m making sure that I’m keeping up with my blog posts on here. Things have been a bit busier this week that expected (I’ve book three brides in the past few days!), but I’m certainly not complaining. However, I am going to save my wedding tips post for this weekend when I have more time to fully explain it. Instead I present to you:

My Top 5 Slightly Awkward (But Totally Normal for a Wedding Coordinator) Moments from Recent Weddings

#5 – A few months ago I had the sweetest ring bearer ever in a wedding that I was coordinating. I’m thinking one of the reasons he was so sweet is that he was full of sugar! He had learned quickly that the Old Cigar Warehouse keeps bowls of mints on all of their restroom counters, and he was hooked! Just before sending him out for the ceremony, I decided to ask him if he had any mints that I could hold on to for later. He proceeded to empty about 10 from his pockets. Then the little dude handed me the one from his mouth. Haha. Better than having him walk down the aisle with it! [Read more…]

Who needs New Years Resolutions….

When you can have birthday resolutions instead!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Mine was filled with lots of family gathering time and several weddings, too! Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m ready to re-focus on blogging here at Love This Little City. I’ve been keeping a running list of topics that I would love to share with you (and now I have time!).

Oh, and I have another cool thing to share with all of you brides who are still working on your table and linen choices. Back in early December, my sweet boyfriend, Jon, was nice enough to act as the photographer for this epic, 7-hour-long photoshoot that we did showcasing the different table sizes and linen sizes that you have to choose from. It’s going to show you exactly what everything would look like with this size table and that size linen. It’s going to come in handy, promise. That will be posted soon!

I’m also working with a few wedding vendors in the Greenville area on guest posts where they’ll share their knowledge and tell you how to make your big day even better!

And back to the birthday resolutions… I just celebrated by 29th birthday a few days ago, and since it’s so close to New Years, I always hold off on the resolutions for a little while since two weeks really don’t make that much of a difference. My Birthday Resolution this year is to carve off some more time to continue to build this blog, all while still helping my brides through my day-of wedding coordination services. No biggie, I got this!

Finally, I will leave you with this fabulous (slightly grainy, because The Lazy Goat is too dark for photos) picture from my birthday dinner. Fried goat cheese with honey and pistachio dust is my favorite!

Lazy Goat Fried Goat Cheese

Keeping check back in! Happy Wedding Planning!

Small Wedding Planning Break: Rustic Pie Twists with Pumpkin Butter

So, I have a brand new wedding blog, and I’m already taking a break from talking about wedding planning! But really, it all ties in together. Every once in a while you a need a break and a sweet treat, or you need to make something to take somewhere that looks pretty but it really easy to make. Rustic Pie Twists are the way to go for both!

I’ve been following Emily over at The Freckled Fox for a while, and when I saw her post this recipe I knew I was going to have to try it. So, tonight after working on some wedding timelines, I took a timeout and made a batch of these sweet little things to send up to Burlington, NC with my family for Thanksgiving (since I’ll be staying down in Greenville).

Baker's Secret & Pumpkin ButterEmily made hers with raspberry preserves and a lemon glaze topping. Since mine needed to be Thanksgiving-inspired (and even faster than this super easy recipe already was), I swapped some things out. Instead, I used Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter and topped it with a simple sprinkle of Baker’s Secret from The Spice & Tea Exchange (they just opened one on Main Street, go check it out).

Another small adjustment that I made was to place mine on parchment paper before baking, that way I didn’t have to worry about anything sticking or having to scrub baked-on pumpkin butter off of my cookie sheet. [Read more…]