Top 5 Awkward (But Totally Normal) Moments at Recent Weddings

Wedding HumorHappy Friday everyone! In the spirit of sticking to my Birthday Resolution, I’m making sure that I’m keeping up with my blog posts on here. Things have been a bit busier this week that expected (I’ve book three brides in the past few days!), but I’m certainly not complaining. However, I am going to save my wedding tips post for this weekend when I have more time to fully explain it. Instead I present to you:

My Top 5 Slightly Awkward (But Totally Normal for a Wedding Coordinator) Moments from Recent Weddings

#5 – A few months ago I had the sweetest ring bearer ever in a wedding that I was coordinating. I’m thinking one of the reasons he was so sweet is that he was full of sugar! He had learned quickly that the Old Cigar Warehouse keeps bowls of mints on all of their restroom counters, and he was hooked! Just before sending him out for the ceremony, I decided to ask him if he had any mints that I could hold on to for later. He proceeded to empty about 10 from his pockets. Then the little dude handed me the one from his mouth. Haha. Better than having him walk down the aisle with it! [Read more…]