Greenville, SC – Destination Wedding Location

As my sweet little city has grown throughout the years, it has become a fabulous destination wedding location! Not so long ago, I had a group who traveled down from Chicago for a beautiful wedding at the Cliffs Glassy Chapel and Wyche Pavilion. Their connection to the city was that the groom’s parents owned a second home nearby, and they had fallen in love with Greenville while visiting (not hard to imagine)!

One of the main reasons why Greenville, SC makes such a great destination wedding location is the fact that the downtown area has been carefully and purposefully developed. A few decades ago, Main Street was not a place to go visit. People would come downtown to work, and then they would leave. With the help of some visionary leaders, Greenville has been transformed and is now on many of the top destination lists!

A huge plus for those couples seeking a destination wedding location is the walk-able downtown (with hotels, restaurants, and venues in close proximity), the ease of travel (GSP Airport is 20 minutes away), and the climate (although we can get warm, we don’t get very cold). Greenville can offer couples a more affordable option for a gorgeous wedding, too!

There are currently eight major hotels located along Main Street, with a many additional hotels being added in the next year. There are also 10+ venues located along Main Street, with others just a short car ride away. Don’t even get me started on how many restaurants there are, there’s something for everyone (with many great options for rehearsal dinner/private dining location as well). Guests even have the Saturday Market to entertain them for the earlier part of the day, before the newlywed couple wows them with a fabulous wedding just down the street!

If you are looking for a great spot to entertain your guests all weekend and create a gorgeous, memorable day – look no farther! Greenville, SC is the new spot for destination weddings. And, come talk to me, I’ll tell you where to enjoy all of the best bites while you’re in town scouting. ;)