Love This Little City on Greenville Wedding Podcast

Hey Guys! I recently had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Justin Reid from Greenville Wedding Podcast. We talked all about Love This Little City and what I do as a coordinator, and a little bit about myself, too! If you’re interested in listening, check out this link below!


Full-Time Focus on Wedding Coordination!

In addition to providing insight into the wedding world, I also like to share some personal updates on here, too! Well, this one is personal and professional, as I am now focusing on my wedding coordination business full time!

As of April 25th, I have resigned from my job with a local food, wine, and music festival to have more time to devote to my wedding business. I’ll still be taking on other event jobs and freelance roles, but weddings will be the center of it all.

As I have grown as a wedding coordinator (I’ve now surpassed the 100 wedding mark), I’ve truly learned how much time and focus it takes to produce a wedding day that meets both the expectations of my client and those that I’ve set for myself. Turning my attention so fully to my wedding business is allowing me to continue to produce at that level and still have some downtime to recharge.

Here’s to the rest of 2018 and many more years of wedding coordination in Greenville, SC!

A Better Wedding Coordinator than a Blogger

To say that this blog has been neglected would be an understatement. With twenty-one weddings last year and a new full-time job, chatting with anyone other than clients and vendors about wedding details has officially fallen to the wayside…

I did want to pop on here and let anyone who happens upon this page know what’s been going on and that, yes, I am still very much active in my wedding coordination business.

As I said, in 2016, I coordinated twenty-one weddings, including one in Philadelphia for a sweet acquaintance of mine from the event world. I also transitioned from a real estate development job in NC (I had been driving an hour each way) to a job with a local festival downtown in Greenville, SC (and my commute is now one mile). I am doing event-based work all of the time now, and I tend to see quite a bit of overlap in contacts between the wedding and festival worlds.

Although I do plan around festival dates and pre-festival events, I am still coordinating as much in 2017 as I was in 2016. Meetings and site surveys are much easier to schedule nowadays, too. I’ve found my groove again with the balance between both of my roles, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store! In the meantime, I still a few dates in 2017 available if someone needs me. ;)