Wedding Workday in Greenville, SC: Holy Trinity & Larkin’s Cabaret Room

So, I decided to write a quick Saturday post before I head off to do some day-of wedding coordination. Since it would be nice to do a little stream of consciousness writing, that’s what we’re going with here!

Wedding Workday Morning – Website Submissions

My wedding workday morning is obviously very different from my bride’s wedding morning! Today I was able to get up early and knock out some emails.

One of my favorite things is receiving emails from my website! I love questions and, of course, requests for more information about my services. If you have something you want to ask, email away!

Wedding Day Final Prep – On the Coordinator Side of Things

After being at the computer for a bit I decided to go ahead and get ready so I’d be done without drying my hair at the last minute before leaving the house for the day. As a coordinator, you never know exactly when you may have to head out. I had already fielded a phone call from a wedding vendor at this point, so things start early.

I also printed off some additional copies of the wedding timeline to have on hand for the vendors when they arrive today. I’ve already emailed them a copy at this point, but you always want to make sure every one knows exactly what’s going on. Not having that little piece of paper on hand for everyone could throw a kink in there!

One other thing I always do is double check my emergency kit that I carry every wedding day. It has all of the essential items that are listed on those “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” lists that you find on Pinterest, plus I carry around more items that the average wedding party member wouldn’t need (i.e. gaffers tape, power strip, zip ties…). I’ll be writing a post about what all goes into my kit, but, let’s just say, I’m glad it’s on wheels.

The last part of my prep is adding in all of my personal items on the side pouch of the kit. One of the main things I always do is add in some high-protein (and not too high in sugar) snacks. This is something I would encourage everyone involved in a wedding to do. You never know when things are going to get really busy unexpectedly, and you don’t want to bottom out and crash because you haven’t had a chance to get food.

What Will Happen Next – Going to the Chapel

In about 30 minutes, I’m going to hit the ground running. I’ll first head over to the church to confirm where the large floral arrangements will be going since they didn’t have a chance to see the space ahead of time. We’ll be at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church over on Buncombe Street. It is a beautiful place for a ceremony. The interior is all stone, it’s awesome.

From there I’ll run over to Larkin’s Cabaret Room, which is on the third floor of their building. I’ll drop off all of the miscellaneous wedding items that are currently residing in my car (favors, placecards, champagne flutes, a cake knife and a card holder). I’ll also go over some final details with the Larkin’s crew. They are always so great to work with, I’m positive that they are going to be make my day so much easier!

(Want to make sure you don’t forget anything for your wedding reception? Check out this post about the most frequently forgotten items!)

At that point I’ll head back to the church and wait for the wedding guests to arrive via trolley. After a sweet little ceremony, we’ll do the photos and get everyone over to Larkin’s. I can’t wait to see the cake from Couture Cakes. I love everything that they do!

After the reception, I’ll help to pack up all of the personal items. Then my evening will be over!

Check back in tomorrow! I’ll do my best to post some photos (although they’ll probably be some quick cell phone ones!).

Happy Wedding Planning!

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