Wedding Workday in Greenville, SC: Cliffs Chapel & Old Cigar Warehouse

I really liked being able to write a post last week before I headed off to the wedding, so I decided that I’d like to make it something I would try to do before each of the weddings I day-of coordinate. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have time because today’s going to be a pretty long workday, but I’ve been up since 5:30AM, so I’m not going to have to worry about that. ;)

Today’s wedding is going to be beautiful and incredible to work. At the rehearsal last night (which was above On The Roxx, it’s an awesome space) the couple was so sweet and so ridiculously excited about what will be going on today. I was brought on as their coordinator fairly recently, so I didn’t have anything to do with this, but I also have get an opportunity to work with some of my favorite vendors!

I can’t wait to see what Willow Florals will be creating for this wedding. The owner, Julie Dodds, has this wonderful style of arranging flowers that is both gorgeous and not overly styled. Good Life Catering will be doing mostly butler-passed items at the reception, which will be a unique element.

Muse 10 Photography will be the one to capture everything. David, the photographer, and I have talked for quite a while about the wedding timeline and making sure everyone and everything is in the right place at the appropriate time to get the shots the bride and groom want. This is such an important thing to work out ahead of time. I’m actually having the bride’s father bring her dress up to the clubhouse ahead of her so that David will have plenty of time to shoot all of the wedding items (dress, shoes, bouquet, rings) before moving on to the people. You have to make sure you give your photographer everything they need so that they can get the shots you want!

Once again, I’ll be doing my best to take some photos during the day. I won’t be able to post them tomorrow though because I’ll be heading down to Folly Beach with my best friend from high school to measure out the house where she’ll be getting married in June! Check back on Monday!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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