A Better Wedding Coordinator than a Blogger

To say that this blog has been neglected would be an understatement. With twenty-one weddings last year and a new full-time job, chatting with anyone other than clients and vendors about wedding details has officially fallen to the wayside…

I did want to pop on here and let anyone who happens upon this page know what’s been going on and that, yes, I am still very much active in my wedding coordination business.

As I said, in 2016, I coordinated twenty-one weddings, including one in Philadelphia for a sweet acquaintance of mine from the event world. I also transitioned from a real estate development job in NC (I had been driving an hour each way) to a job with a local festival downtown in Greenville, SC (and my commute is now one mile). I am doing event-based work all of the time now, and I tend to see quite a bit of overlap in contacts between the wedding and festival worlds.

Although I do plan around festival dates and pre-festival events, I am still coordinating as much in 2017 as I was in 2016. Meetings and site surveys are much easier to schedule nowadays, too. I’ve found my groove again with the balance between both of my roles, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store! In the meantime, I still a few dates in 2017 available if someone needs me. ;)

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